Mabel & the Cat’s Meow – a prequel!

Mabel & the Cat’s Meow, the prequel to Mabel Gets the Ax, Book One in my Mysteries of Medicine Spring cozy mystery series is now available! Click the button below to purchase it in paperback format—or receive the e-book FREE by subscribing to my newsletter, the Medicine Spring Bulletin (limited time only!).

In Mabel & the Cat’s Meow, we get our first glimpse of the village of Medicine Spring and meet a few of the local residents, not to mention Mabel, best friend Lisa, and Barnacle the dog. Most important, of course, is the creature whose meow that starts the mystery rolling—Koi the cat…

Mabel, while in Medicine Spring to help her grandma recover from a hip replacement, rescues a scrawny, half-grown cat from a vacant house. She also makes a horrifying second discovery—a man’s body.

Mabel’s determined to help the kitty, who appears injured, but the cat has other ideas. So does Mabel’s best friend and true-crime aficionado, Lisa, who’s more interested in solving the murder. Despite herself, Mabel’s drawn into the hunt for a killer, as well as the cat. Luckily, she doesn’t have to rely solely on Lisa’s and her non-existent skills as rookie investigators. Grandma and her elderly best friends also get into the act, along with Grandma’s dog Barnacle, who proves he too has a nose for crime.

I hope you’ll enjoy Mabel & the Cat’s Meow. If you really love it, please leave a review on GoodReads HERE. And when you finish the prequel, you won’t have long to wait for Book One, Mabel Gets the Ax! What could be better than summer in the hammock or by the pool (or a rainy day on the couch), reading a couple new cozy mysteries?

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